Seva is a Swiss-Army Knife for Digital Services

A single hub for digitalised MRO services and digital services  

MachIQ Seva enables machinery OEMs to integrate all their service products, data-mine their installed- base for improved lead generation, and upsell and cross-sell services to more customers, more profitably.

An equipment-centric knowledgebase and datahub that enables machinery OEMs to offer customer self-service capabilities.

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An “Asset Relationship Management” system that improves installed-base data capture and improves lead generation for highly targeted service sales.

An eCommerce system that makes it easy for customers to discover and purchase only the spare parts and services relevant to their machines.

A remote-condition monitoring system that enables any machinery OEM to rapidly build and deliver data-driven/prescriptive maintenance services to operators of their machines.

A Zoom for remote technical support.

Help your customers troubleshoot outages via video. Record and save video support sessions for warranty claims management.

Consolidate your service activities onto one solution

Asset Relationship Management

Installed base management

Up to date install-base data. Master as-sold vs. as-is installed-base information to generate better leads for after sales services.

Customer Self Service

Build a knowledge management hub for service teams and customers alike. Upload manuals, 3D drawings, wiring diagrams, training videos and more.

Obsolescence management

Easily replace obsolete spare parts with current ones and automatically share updated spare parts lists with only the customers who are affected.

A Digital Channel For MRO Services

eCommerce for spare parts

Offer updated parts lists, supplies and parts-kits catalog for every equipment in your install-base. Make it easier for customers to order original parts.

Remote services via video-calling

Improve engineer utilisation and deliver higher SLA-assurance with our video-calling. Offer time-based billing and specialised service contracts and reduce the costs of on-site services.

The connected enterprise

Connect to ERP, CRM & PLM systems & automated data exchange on critical enterprise processes to break open data silos, not just inside the company but with customers as well.

A Channel For Advanced Digital Services

Remote condition monitoring

Manage your IIoT platform, its data ownership & user rights securely between multiple parties for the Industry 4.0-services of your install-base

Custom-built service applications

Build your own applications, powered by our API’s – accessing install-base data, customer transactions, service history, condition monitoring data and more to power your predictive and prescriptive services. Deliver them to your customers on our platform.

Stay in touch with your customer

Connect with the MachIQ APM maintenance software of your customers and get real-time access* to the condition of your machines in their plants, recommend maintenance activities and follow-up with them on asset performance-related initiatives.

*determined upon agreement from both parties

Demonstrable benefits almost immediately



Increase in penetration of the installed-base. (Today OEMs sell traditional services to less than 20% of their installed base)



Customer self-service tools have reduced the need for travel as well as the workload of the helpdesk.



Our automated order handling results in OEMs saving 75% of the effort and time to process a customer order for parts.



The data-driven services that OEMs can offer through us has led to higher order values in new machines sales as well.

The challenges that we solve for industrial OEMs

Unrealized Service Revenue Potential

“90% of companies that operate our machines don’t contact us for any after-sales service.”

CEO of industrial laundry machines company

Low ROI on Existing Digital Investments

“We have a Webshop but most customers don’t use it. They still call our order desk to make enquiries and place orders.”

Head of Digital at a leading metal-cutting machinery company

Poor Installed-Base Data Quality

“We have a CRM but 50% of our installed base data is outdated and we don’t know what machines are still in operations.”

CEO at a grain-milling machinery company

Digital Services Design Challenges

 “We are monitoring our customers’ machines remotely and make recommendations but we don’t know if they followed our advice.”

CTO at leading packaging machinery company

Covid-19 Disruptions

“With Covid-19, our service engineers can no longer travel to customer sites..”

SVP of Services at €1.2B food processing machinery supplier

Prior to contacting us our customers tried:

Working with the software giants

  • Spend $1-5m to buy the products of your ERP/CRM supplier
  • Takes 2-5 years to configure & deploy it, by which time technology has moved on
  • While you can claim to have gone digital – your capabilities remain complicated and sub-par

Outsourcing custom software development

  • Hire an IT partner to develop your custom offer
  • Actual spend usually ends up being ~10x of initial budget
  • Quickly realize that you need to specify every detail and micromanage every aspect of the process
  • Delays become inevitable and costly

Building an in-house DIY solution

  • Try to stitch together existing Industry 4.0 products to build your own solution
  • Works until your technical employees who built the solution are not able to handle the demands of user support, maintenance and long term product development
  • You end up with a temporarily solution that does not stand the best of time

Surge ahead with MachIQ Seva

  • Deploy in months not in years
  • A pay-as-you-deploy model with low upfront investment
  • Custom-made for the machinery & industrial services sector. No complex IT customization project needed!
  • Fully integrated suite for after-sales services

How it works

Seva helps companies overcome the challenge of data-silos in customer service offerings by engaging employees across install-base services:

From order-desk employees, technical support personnel to field service engineers, users are now able to work on a single data platform.

Companies that choose Seva enjoy faster time to value with out of the box/rapid deployment, minimum customization requirements for a shorter time to market.

Our open architecture and APIs allow clients to integrate any of their valuable legacy applications: including existing web-shops, remote monitoring/IoT infrastructure, help-desk and ticketing portals.

Key features and product screenshots

An integrated suite for all your needs

  • A cockpit for after-sales service
  • Seva enables machinery OEMs to integrate all their service products, data-mine their installed-base for improved lead generation, and upsell and cross-sell services to more customers, more profitably.

Get a unique overview of your installed-base

  • An installed-base data hub for high quality service leads-generation, up- & cross-selling.

Supercharge your remote monitoring capabilities

  • A remote condition monitoring system that helps any OEM accelerate the development of their predictive maintenance offers.

Enhance your e-commerce capabilities

  • An eCommerce system dedicated to use-cases of the machinery/spare parts purchase experience.

Watch this short video for more about Seva